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Upstream have been supplying top quality frozen and fresh seafood across the catering industry for over 30 years. This includes supplying to Michelin star restaurants, directors dining rooms, high street delis, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals and many more!

When covid first hit nearly every single establishment they supplied had to close meaning Upstream had very little revenue coming in and a team of staff that still needed to support.

Upstream reached out to us and asked if we could help them pivot their business into the b2c market using our marketing tactics. 

Our Involvement

We knew that Upstream had an exceptional quality of seafood and a full team fo delivery drivers in place. This meant that they were very well prepared to take on a huge amount of deliveries to households instead of their usually establishments. 

We strategised a campaign targeting people inside their delivery radius to make orders online and predominately through Facebook Messenger. As we were driving a considerable amount of traffic to the inbox this was hard for the Upstream admin team to handle so we created an automatic chat system to guide customers through the ordering process. 


As touched on above we managed to drive a considerable amount of people to Upstreams inbox. More importantly these messages turned into tens of thousands of pounds worth of sales in a very short period of time. This is more than 6 x return in investment for Upstream. Several of these customers carried on ordering so Upstream will continue to bring in revenue from these people for a long time.

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