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S&K Roofing


S&K Roofing were getting regular work through word of mouth however were struggling to get enough work to really expand the business. This company was actually the first ever client of ours.

Our Involvement

From our initial audit + strategy call we quickly discovered that S&K Roofing had no online presence at all. This is something we had to change immediately. We built S&K Roofing a website and set them up with a Google My Business Account, Facebook page and Instagram page. We then created an ad campaign to drive traffic to the business.


As a result of everything we did and have done S&K Roofing are still a client of ours nearly 3 years down the line. Over these 3 years we have generated over £150k in revenue, a huge return on their investment with us and our marketing strategies. Due to the projects they have won from the ad campaigns they have been able to scale their business, bringing on more team members and setting up a sister company S&K Building. S&K Roofing have also played an important role in our growth as because of the results we have generated them they have recommended several other business to come on board with us.

We also filmed and created the video at the top of this page. Check it out!

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