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Payne & Co/Asprey Homes



Payne & Co estate agents were appointed exclusive rights to sell a new 16 house development built by Asprey Homes. These homes were worth between 500k and 1.5m. Payne & Co wanted our help to get these houses sold via Facebook & Instagram adverts.

Our Involvement

We came up with a strategy to find active buyers through various campaign types. One of the campaign types we used was lead generation. We encouraged people that were interested in moving home to complete an online Facebook form whereby they give us their contact details to arrange a viewing of the development. Alongside this we range a traffic campaign to drive interested buyers to a specifically built, highly converting landing page with further information about the development. On this page potential lead would also be encouraged to leave us their contact details to arrange a viewing. We also retargeted people that visited this page with further ads around the development.


Through the campaign we managed to generate 250+ leads and over 5k website traffic in a short space of time. This worked out at under £4 a lead and under 10p per website visit and more importantly this turned into £2m+ worth of property sales. A huge return on investment for Payne & Co.

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