KB Face Contour Aesthetics

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KB Face Contour Aesthetics clinic provide several different advanced facial body contouring treatments. They wanted our help in securing regular new clients for their clinics in Birmingham and Harley Street, London.

Our Involvement

After an initial strategy call we mapped out an advertising campaign to attract new clients to the clinics. A key part of the strategy was attracting serious people who wanted to go ahead with treatments.


Within 48 hours the aesthetic clinic had not one, but two new paying clients! The ads consistently attracted new paying clients on a daily basis throughout the campaigns for both clinics. At certain points we have had to turn off the adverts as the clinic was fully booked! Which of course is a great problem to have..

KB Face Contour has now opened up a third clinic in Leamington Spa which we have been asked to run ads for aswell due to our success with the other clinics. We managed to book up several full days with new paying clients before it was even open!