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AB Aesthetics London



AB Aesthetics London provide several different aesthetic treatments and also provide aesthetics training across their different locations. They wanted us to help secure them more clients for their treatments and to help fill more spaces on their academy courses. 

Our Involvement

After an initial strategy call we mapped out an advertising campaign to attract new clients to the clinics. A key part of the strategy was attracting serious people who wanted to go ahead with treatments. Along with this we mapped out a campaign targeting people that were interested in becoming aesthetic practitioners for the academy.


We have helped attract a lot of people to take the fast track course that AB Aesthetics have to offer. Overall we are selling out 2 courses each and every month for them and there is 10 people on each course. This means the clinic is earning £30,000 every month. On top of this as we have been able to help AB Aesthetics increase the price of their courses due to the demand they are receiving from the Facebook & Instagram ads we are running so they are now earning up to £40,000 a month. AB Aesthetics are now looking to launch a 3rd course each month. The treatments side of the business has also received a lot of new clients for Profhilo, lip fillers and other treatments.

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